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Welcome to Mobile Health Services

Welcome to Mobile Health Services

Welcome to Mobile Health ServicesWelcome to Mobile Health ServicesWelcome to Mobile Health Services

Drug / Alcohol Testing


 ~ No Longer Required to Send Employees and Prospective Employees to a Lab ~


  • Alcohol Hair Test
  • Saliva Alcohol-alone
  • Saliva Alcohol-w/5 Panel
  • DOT Lab Test
  • Non DOT Lab Test
  • DOT Physicals
  • T-8 Physicals
  • Sports Physicals
  • Pre-Employment Physicals
  • Hearing Tests
  • TB Tests
  • Flu Shots

Randomization of Employee Drug Test Requirements

*Recommended Test for PreEmployment and Random Drug Tests using the RAPID TEST; 5 Panel tests for THC (Marijuana); Cocaine; Opiates; Amphetamine/Methamphetamines; Benzodiazepine.

If there is a positive result from the Rapid Test, a confirmation lab test could be performed for an additional $50.00 and includes a Medical Review Officer report

Our RAPID TESTS are guaranteed and can be defended in a court of law.

Quotes for over 20 donors will be provided upon request.

Wellness Programs can also be quoted upon request.

Why Drug Test?

31 Million employees regularly use illegal drugs. In the work place the problems of substance abuse quickly become the employers' problems. Increased risk of accidents, lower productivity, increased absenteeism, elevated insurance costs and reduced profits. Drug Abusers in the work place can also impact the productivity and "presentieeism" of non-abusers.


Before you invest money in hiring and training new employees insure your applicants are drug free!  MHS provides both drug tests and finger print background checks. For drug testing we recommend the 10 Panel Drug Test to include prescription drugs. Drop ins are available at our facility from 9am to 5pm wotj email notification by the employer. Both tests take only about 15 minutes and IDs are checked by Drivers Licence. Both tests conform to industry and government standards and are conducted by certified technicians.